Community mapping

Option 1:  We create the maps for you

For mapping projects with tight timeframes or overstretched dynamic teams you can use our in-house expertise to have beautifully accessible and branded maps created for you - Contact Us to discuss your mapping project. 

Option 2: We train people locally

This programme can help with employment outcomes and community development as used by Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and  DDA compliance. PhotoRoute is an inclusive service, helping visitors find key services and attractions in your borough. Visit London gold awarded concept for including the needs of people speaking English as a second language, and people with physical and learning disabilities. 
Easy start programme produces useful step-free PhotoRoute maps within your own locality, which are easy to embed directly into your own website and available in print, website and app versions.
Our toolkit was used by the Greater London Authority’s London 2012 unit and forms part of their London 2012 legacy work.
PhotoRoute is a photo-based map application that includes walking times and distances, suggested step-free routes and accessibility details of major local authority and tourist sites. Maps use sat nav and geo-located images together with photos, arrows and written directions to pin-point a user’s location. PhotoRoute then guides the user through a set of tailored walks to whichever location they wish to visit.
Full training, support and license to use the route creation toolkit for 1 year is incorporated in the offer. Borough residents (with and without learning disabilities) are trained to use our intuitive software to work on map building projects. Local knowledge adds value to way-finding while promoting a positive image of the borough’s hidden gems.
Giving our residents with learning disabilities employment opportunities is one of the Council’s priorities. We hope these maps will encourage more people, including visitors from further afield to explore the many attractions Hackney has to offer
Cllr Jonathan McShane, Hackney Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care and Culture
Designed for people on the move, our inclusive web apps enable users to change direction on the fly and have automated way-finding (within range of maps start and end points). See FAQs for examples.
This is a really good idea, an app from Enabled City for accessible, editable route maps in London, aimed at people with physical and learning disabilities, as well as people speaking English as a second language. That means step-free routes for people using wheelchairs, and photos taken along each route to aid navigation
The Guardian Technology Apps Blog

London 2012 Legacy

The GLA was delighted to collaborate with Enabled City on this project. The flexible nature of this small, innovative company allowed us to complete this project in an efficient timescale without compromising its quality or content. It is always a pleasure to work on projects like this, that benefit such a wide audience and showcase how the Greater London Authority is helping to make the South Bank, and London, a more accessible and inclusive place 
Julie Fleck OBE, Advisor on the Paralympics, London 2012 Unit at the Greater London Authority

Complete package of service – no hidden extras

We’ve been working with people with disabilities and creating maps since 2006, its what we do and we do it well. 

Easy start programme package 

  • Consultancy to develop local mapping plans
  • Includes 6 maps (including return journeys)
  • Upon completion of training, trainees are able to continue updating existing maps or create an additional 15 maps locally
  • Online quality control by us
  • Inclusion of 6 maps into our inclusive desktop and mobile web app.
  • Includes route creation toolkit 1 year licence
You supply
  • Up to 4 trainees, a job coach or supporter
  • A training room with PCs, or a local library can be used
We supply
  • Fully supported programme for the first year training
  • Employment outcomes equivalent to 32 weeks
  • We can moderate and quality control maps online
  • A client page repository for your maps i.e
Additional add-ons:
  • Train the trainer optional add on
  • Additional support can be purchased as required
  • Terms of service & engagement

Need more information?

Visit FAQs or Contact us to dicuss your project.