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1 User Experience

  • Why PhotoRoute maps?
  • How do people use PhotoRoute?
  • Case studies
  • How to access & search maps on this website
  • How do they work on mobile devices?
  • Can I print maps?
  • What are the Access Settings?
  • What are Points of Interest?

2 Get PhotoRoute

  • How do I get PhotoRoute maps for my venue?
  • How do I add PhotoRoute maps to a website?

3 Client Features

  • How do I create a PhotoRoute map?
  • Can I add maps to my account that have been created by others?
  • Can clients have bespoke filters?

How do I create a PhotoRoute map?

Updating is done via our non-technical system,  which offers:
  • Varying levels of moderation
  • Easy updating of your PhotoRoute maps via our non-technical system and updates automatically flow through – you don’t need to re-embed maps each time a change is made

Creating a new map

1. Log into your account
Login to your account and resetting passwords
2. Go to your client page
Client page icons
3. Click on Add new route
Finding link to create a new map

Adding heading and tags

Title – this is used internally so you canfind your map so give it a nice descriptive title like ‘Tour of East London hipster hangouts from Hoxton Overland station’
Click Generate URL to create a link for the map.
Tip: you can make changes to any part of your maps at any time, all changes cascade through to live maps.
Description – add a description – this appears on your live map below the title.
Adding details for your new PhotoRoute map
From and To points change icons associated to your route, From and To points appear in drop down menu's on your client page and are searchable.
If you can't find a suitable From and To point then click 'Add' to enter your own which also adds them to your client page drop down menu.
Selecting From and To points from drop downs
You can add tags to your client page, in the examplke below we've added 'Shoreditch Hot Spots'. By adding a tag you are adding a one click filter option to your client page (see image below) so use them sparingly!
Adding tags - these appear on your client page
Showing how added tags appear as seachable options on your client page.
Showing how added tags appear as seachable options on your client page.
Add meta tags & key words to help others find your maps to help your maps be found via search engines.
Adding meta tags to search engines where your map starts from and what people may see

Distances, TfL data and showing step free options

PhotoRoute will automatically measure the distances and walking times for maps.
If your map is step free then select Step free checkbox to make it searchable via this option.
If your map is within Transport for Londons network then select Show TfL data, this shows a button with all the nearby TfL buses to your map.
Adding maps to Step free lists and making TFL data viewable
4. Load map at – choose postcode to add a postcode within the maps area then click save to be taken to the map building screen then click save.

Add your new maps postcode to position maps starting point on next screen

Click Save or Steps to go to the next screen to build your map.

Saving your work

Building your map

You can edit & preview your work at anytime - next you need to add steps to the newly create route.

1. Click ‘Add Step then:
  • click on map to drop marker
  • write supporting text for your new photo
Adding a new stage to a PhotoRoute map
2. Description – add the text description for each stage of the map.
3. Choose image – upload an image of the map stage.
4. Click on the Route map to tell the system the pictures GPS location (circle 2 below).
Tip: Try zooming in map view to select the images exact location.
Tip: You can reposition the marker at any time. 
Add steps to map then the pictures GPS location
5. Add a directional arrow to your image by clicking the eraser icon then dragging your cursor across the screen.
Click the eraser again to delete the arrow.
Adding and removing directional arrows
5. Click Update to save your work.
6. Repeat steps to until you map is complete.

Previewing your work

Preview your work from the preview pane under your map. 
PhotoRoute - previewing stages of a map while building it
Or go back to your client page to view the completed map or continue editing.
Ability to preview and edit a map when logged in
Tip: once logged in you can edit a map directly from the  Edit this route link on top of maps.
Tip: you can reorder map steps by clicking and dragging the map stages but will have to reorder pins as well.

How do I update my PhotoRoute maps?

1. Log into your account
2. Go to your client page
3. Select a map to see links Edit this route or Delete this route on top of each map within your account
4. Click Edit this route to:
  • Change the title or URL or description to your route i.e ‘This is a step free route’.
  • From and To icons associated to your route, these icons are also searchable.
  • Add meta tags to help others find your maps.
5. Once finished editing click Save or Steps to edit stages of maps.
Ability to edit fields

Editing map stages (changing text, images and GPS location)

  • Click on the section you want to change to be able to see editing controls
  • Description – changing text here will update the maps text.
  • Photo – you can choose another image by clicking on Choose image.
  • Changing photos GPS location – with the section open click on the map to change the photos GPS location
  • Click Update to save your changes, the system updates versions for your printable, mobile and desktop maps along with any maps embedded in other websites.
Changing GPS location of images