PhotoRoute provides easy-to-follow photographic journeys in website, mobile, print and embeddable formats.
We are a Vist London Gold Awarded company because we include the needs of people with disabilities and those speaking English as a second language.
Navigate much more easily without worrying about getting lost again.
PhotoRoute is based around inclusion to give people confidence to travel.

PhotoRoute is a photo-based map application from Enabled City, and will help any visitor, including those who find steps and stairs a challenge (parents with buggies, tourists with luggage and people with disabilities) enjoy their visits. PhotoRoute provides step-free options along with geo-located pictures (taken from the walkers perspective) with written directions that pin-point a user’s location then guides them along their journey.

Most routes start and end at main transport links such as underground or overground stations, while some journeys are designed to be circular, enabling the user to dip in and out of the routes.

Visit maps page for all maps or client pages to see collections of maps.

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Visit London Gold award logoVisit London Gold awarded expertise and used by London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.