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Training Initiative Case Study

A little bit of background

When Enabled City first started, our aim was to produce a toolkit that we could train individuals with learning or physical disabilities to use to produce maps and routes for companies and institutions. We have worked closely with people with learning disabilities for over 10 years to develop our value-adding, bolt-on services. Our vision is that companies will commission individuals with disabilities to produce accessible maps being uniquely qualified to understand the different needs that come with having a physical or learning disability.

We offer annual licenses with training to any organisation or company interested in creating highly accessible maps.

Cllr Jonathan McShane, Hackney Council’s Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care and Culture said: “Giving our residents employment opportunities is one of the Council’s priorities. I'm delighted we've been able to use this exciting project to get people into work. We hope these maps will encourage more people, including visitors from further a field to explore the many attractions Hackney has to offer.”

Hackney One Team
Hackney Council's One Team were the first to license Enabled City’s Photo Route toolkit and experience the training scheme offered by our specialists. Hackney One Team suggested people with learning disabilities who had interests in computing, photography and liked getting out and about who may like to be trained to become mapping consultants.

Enabled City met with the candidates to demonstrate the map making process and break down the job roles required.

"Anyone could be trained if they wanted the training. It was also considered helpful if some of the trainees had dedicated supporters, that would be prepared to help client’s work partner and so on, to ensure that supporters developed good rapport with the team, and understood the process sufficiently to provide ongoing support for the developing social enterprise".uses images, easy read text and custom lines drawn onto maps

Homerton Hospital user-tested their first map with an external learning disability group, proving the combination of meaningful pictures, text and arrows worked for everybody. Their feedback led to minor improvements to the map, and a photo opportunity for Homerton Hospital's community magazine - the mapping consultants had their first client.

From there they mapped Homerton Station to Hackney Service Centre. Trainees planned the route with Enabled City, then took turns to photograph and write up way-finding text, they understood the job at hand and took ownership of their work. Its easy to miss small things when gaining experience, the collaboration toolkit is a great way to preview and save your work, and add or change all elements of mapping at any time.

We broke map making into 3 parts comprising of:
Field work:
• walking the route
• writing up notes while walking
• photographing the route

• typing up the text for each stage of the route
• selecting the images and renaming them
• cropping images

Computer work:
• adding place markers, images arrows and text to online mapping tool
• publishing maps
• quality control

We targeted demonstration maps to other large organisations, who are visited by a wide cross-section of the community, and therefore needing high quality, inclusive services.
The project was such a success that one of the maps produced for Homerton Hospital is featured on the hospital website! We continue to support this work with the Hackney One Team and offer these services to other boroughs.
See the Hackney Mapping consultants client page here.

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