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App FAQ’s

How can I get the app

There are 2 versions for iphone and android devices, lite versions can be freely downloaded without wifi, premium versions are downloadable over wifi due to app store size restrictions.

Available on itunes app store  Download for Android phones

How to use app

Tap the route you would like to view to start.
Select a route from the list or use the drop-down menus to filter according to start and end points.
Photo Route app unfilteredPhoto Route easy filtering systemPhoto Route filtered routes

Route Start Page:

Tap ‘next’ to view the next step of the route.
You can hide the photograph and view the route on the map by touching the map.
Viewing stages of a photoroute map


Tap a route to view details and select ‘start’ to begin the route.
Pinch the screen to zoom out of the map and move two fingers away from each other to zoom in.
Choose another route by tapping once and holding on the route, a pop up box gives you the option to start the route.
Selecting alternative photoroute mapsSelecting alternative photoroute maps


Use this page to display or hide your current location on the map.
When location services are turned on, your location is displayed via the circle, the first time you open the app, it can take a couple of minutes for satellites to find your exact location, if so the transparent circle can be large.
The arrow symbol shows you which direction your facing.
Selecting Photoroute location servicesSeeing you location on Photoroute
Access help from 'settings'.
Selecting Photoroute help
Learn about app's features.