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Consultancy based case study

"The GLA was a delighted to collaborate with Enabled City on this project. The flexible nature of this small, innovative company allowed us to complete this project in an efficient timescale without compromising its quality or content. It is always a pleasure to work on projects like this, that benefit such a wide audience and showcase how the Greater London Authority is helping to make the South Bank, and London, a more accessible and inclusive place".
Julie Fleck OBE, Advisor on the Paralympics, London 2012 Unit at the Greater London Authority

Working with the Greater London Authority (GLA)

We were recently commissioned to produce 26 routes for the Greater London Authority as part of their initiative to improve access for disabled people along the riverside walk on the South Bank of the River Thames. The Greater London Authority worked with Southwark and Lambeth councils to improve pavement layouts, install better lighting and signage, increase seating and provide more access ramps and handrails as a lasting legacy for London, enabling even more people to enjoy this area. Easy wayfinding by Photo Routes completed the improvements and helps everyone find their way to the South Bank Riverside Walk. A continuous safe and accessible route along the South Bank can now be used and enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or disability.

Completed Photoroute maps of the South Bank

South Bank Access improvements The South Bank area attracts millions of visitors every year, and is home to some of London’s iconic visitor destinations including Southwark Cathedral, Borough Market, Shakespeare’s Globe, Oxo Tower, Tate Modern, National Theatre and Royal Festival Hall. We were commissioned to produce routes to make locals and tourists aware of the improved access from Westminster to Tower Bridge. The routes were produced in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and serve as part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games legacy. Photo Routes are particularly helpful to people with learning or physical disabilities, people whose first language is not English and everybody else finding traditional map reading difficult. We hope to promote these routes to local businesses who can take advantage of the routes by embedding the maps into their websites. All of our work for the South Bank and the Greater London Authority can be viewed here Stroll Discovery trail mascots The Greater London Authority has also commissioned Enabled City to create a further 6 Photo Routes to help visitors to London during the Olympic and Paralympic Games find their way along six unique walking routes. These trails take you on a journey of discovery across the historic city centre to the greatest sights and sounds of London and will be brought to life by official Games mascots Mandeville and Wenlock highlighting some great photo opportunities. These Photoroutes will be available on the Mayor of London Presents website or viewable here: photoroute.com/stroll. You can learn more about this unique project by visiting enabledcity.com. iphone and android appsThe success of our projects with the GLA led us to develop our mobile phone App's available from 25th of July 2012. The App will make our routes and route information available to users on iphone and android devices, allowing you to search your nearest route and explore the South Bank and other parts of London.

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