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PhotoRoute is a web tool that helps people create accessible and editable photo based routes. get the iphone and android appsWe provide the software and training for people to collaborate in map-building teams, or offer a consultancy service to provide beautifully accessible and editable maps on behalf of clients.
The technology developed to create PhotoRoute has been awarded a Visit London Gold Award for including the needs of people with disabilities and those speaking English as a second language.

Our route creating software allows organizations or commissioners to create, re-brand, share and edit routes and written information on their maps via a non-technical system.

PhotoRoute is brought to you by Enabled City (formerly Enabled London). We have over 10 years experience in creating accessible products that meet the needs of people with high communication support needs and agencies such as the Greater London Authority.

How does it work?
Using Google and other maps as a starting base, we plan out accessible, step-free routes to guide users between locations. Once a route has been planned, we enhance the mapped route by adding custom photographs to illustrate the routes way finding, including difficult turning points or junctions. With the photographs added to each step, we then draw arrows over them to illustrate the direction that the walker has to follow to complete the route successfully. Finally, we add descriptions in text under the photographs to guide users through each step of the map and provide additional route information.
Each route is clear and effective with simple graphics and basic instructions to guide the traveler along the way.

Why PhotoRoute?
We’re often asked why use PhotoRoute to create custom journeys when online tools such as Google and Microsoft Bing maps are freely available. It’s a good question since both these tools have advanced the way we use maps and opened up map data. So, what does PhotoRoute provide that these online tools don’t?
PhotoRoute lets you add additional layers of information which makes routes and map reading much easier to follow, allowing you to really relax and enjoy the view. This tool is especially useful for those new to an environment, speaking English as a second language, with learning, physical or sensory disabilities or those of us who just have difficulty making sense of traditional, linear maps. PhotoRoute allows your customers to research the route before they set off so that they have confidence in where they are going.

Additionally, we supply the technology enabling licensed users to add local knowledge of best routes to use and places to visit. Our system, designed for non-technical users, allows map makers to plot clear pictures with GPS accuracy taken at pavement level (ie. not from a passing car at 30miles per hour), and adds custom text and arrows to guide the person along the route.
There are many automated features included in the toolkit and a piece of software enabling map makers to plot routes where online mapping tools such as Google and Bing won’t, this is especially useful if routes go through parks or pedestrian only areas.

Not convinced?
Check out our custom journey from Gospel Oak Overground Station to Parliament Hill triangle then try searching for the same journey on Google maps.

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